Subwoofer Speaker Kit

Includes a New Sub Woofer Speaker, New OEM plate gasket (to replace the old original gasket), Custom Die-Cut Gasket (to provides an air tight fit equal to the original factory design), and all the necessary hardware to install into the OEM enclosure.

Sub Speaker (front)Sub Speaker (back)Gaskets : Custom Spacer (top), OEM (bottom)

  • A True Sub Woofer Speaker
  • Aluminum Cone w/ butyl rubber surround
  • Shielded Magnet
  • Frequency Response 45 - 15,000 hz
  • 8 Ohm Nominal Resistance
  • 60 Watts RMS
  • 87db Sensitivity

Mounts on the top of the steel ring. Not below it like OEM. The custom spacer gasket is to retain the air tight system since the old speaker is not there to make that seal.

The OEM sub woofer speaker was designed to fit in the Fiero sub woofer housing and has a unique design and it is unlikely that this speaker will ever be reproduced. This necessitates the need to mount an aftermarket sub woofer speaker on the top of the steel ring in the OEM housing assembly, hence the space left from removing the old OEM speaker which needs to be filled into create a airtight design by using the spacergasket.
Note : Some minor modification to the steel housing (small holes drilled) will be needed to mount the new sub speaker. This modification is inside the housing and will not be visible.after installation.

The spacer gasket allows you to use any aftermarket speaker and mount it on the top of the steel ring, also available separately if you find a speaker you prefer instead of mine.


Subwoofer Speaker
CodeQtyDescriptionItem Cost
Subwoofer Speaker Kit w/ Gaskets
$12.00 S&H
Subwoofer Spacer Gaskets
$3.00 S&H*
OEM Subwoofer Gasket
$3.00 S&H*

* Discount S&H charge. Order multiples of this item and save!!

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