1987 - 1988 Headlight Kit

1987-1988 Headlight Rebuild Kit

  • Kit contains 3 precision machined Delrin bushings and excellent rebuilding instructions.

  • Each kit will do ONE headlight motor. 

  • Fits right the first time! No filing or sanding needed! 

  • 1987-1988 Fiero
  • 1987-1992 Firebird
  • 1988-1996 Corvette
  • 1988-2004 Lotus Esprit / Elan
  • 1990-1992 Toronado Trofeo

The 1987-1988 Fieros, 1987-1992 Firebirds, 88-96 Corvette, and 88-02 Lotus Esprit and Elan, have the GM second generation redesigned headlight motors.  They are very durable and very long lasting.  They are also easy to rebuild when they fail!   If your headlights fail to rise and the motors keep spinning this rebuild kit will solve your problem.  If the motor(s) don't run you may have a wiring or controller problem.  If one actuator fails and the other probably isn't far behind. 

Save over $8.00 when comparing to the Eckler's Corvette Headlight Rebuild Kit.

Headlight motor gaskets are in stock now!!
The side cover gaskets are sometimes very brittle and may fall apart when the cover is removed to replace the drive pins. Order new side cover gaskets to ensure a quality rebuild! The die used was laser cut so the gaskets are very precise.

Note: There are no rivets to drill out when you rebuild these motor assemblies. All parts are held together with screws and bolts, and are easy to disassemble.

It seems that the metal gears need more torque to spin the motors and a few have a problem where the headlight motor will not move with the metal gear but will with the plastic gear. Once I run out of these gears I will probably not sell them anymore? We'll see. At least with this on this web page they can not complain as much.

Notice: I also stock new metal replacement gears . The Ultimate Rebuild Kit!

87-88 Headlight Actuator Rebuild Kit
CodeQtyDescriptionItem Cost
1987-1988 Headlight Actuator Rebuild Kit (each)
$3.00 S&H*
1987-1988 Headlight Actuator Rebuild Kit (pair)
$3.00 S&H*
87-88 Headlight Actuator Side Cover Gasket
(Order 2 if you are rebuilding both headlight actuators)
$2.00 S&H*
87-88 Headlight Motor Gasket
(Order 2 if you are rebuilding both headlight actuators)
$2.00 S&H*
2 Headlight Rebuild kits and 2 Side Gaskets
$5.00 S&H*
2 Headlight Rebuild kits, 2 Side Gaskets and 2 Motor Gaskets
$5.00 S&H*

* Discount S&H charge. Order multiples of this item and save!!

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