Low Temp Radiator Fan Switch

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The stock thermostat on the 85-88 V-6 and 84-86 L4 is 195. The stock fan switch does not turn on until the coolant temp hits 235! There is a better way. My 195 on and 185 off fan switch will keep your Fiero running cool.
(The 200-210 fan switch
allows you to return to the stock 195 thermostat
without changing the fan switch.)

Worried about "closed loop" operation? Closed loop occurs between 125 and 150 in the Fiero. Fuel mapping does get slightly richer at a lower temperatures but only slightly in this range. This comes from several "experts" in the field of engine managment.
Installing this switch requires no wire cutting. The connector is the correct one for the stock wiring harness.

No need to sit in a traffic jam and worry about the coolant temperature and when will that fan come on!
A top quality auto part made by the same company that supplies Echlin switches.

Stant 13818 thermostat must be used in conjunction with the 195 /185 fan switch. A 210 on / 200 off switch is also available that will work with the stock 195 thermostat and provides an excellent increase in cooling efficiency.

Note: Will not fit 84-86 L4 engines equiped with air conditioning, as these models use a dual connector switch. Does not fit the 87-88 L4 Fiero. The fan is controlled by the ECM on the 87-88 L4 Fiero.

This switch fits most GM engines. It will also fit many other non GM engines as the 3/8" x 18 NPT is a very common size for fan switches. It is popular with Lotus owners.
The thread size is 3/8" x 18 NPT. If you would like to use this in a different vehicle the correct pigtail is available here.


Low Temp Radiator Fan Switch
CodeQtyDescriptionItem Cost
195 / 185 Fan Switch
$3.50 S&H*
210 / 200 Fan Switch
$3.50 S&H

* Discount S&H charge. Order multiples of this item and save!!

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