Temperture/Oil Gauge Testing Leads

Fiero Gauge Test Lead

These temperature and oil gauge testing leads will allow you to determine if your temperature gauge and/or oil pressure gauge is calibrated correctly. Unplug the connector from the appropriate sensor on the engine and plug in one of the leads for a low engine temp or low oil pressure reading test and the other for a high engine temp or a high pressure test. Temperature tester works on all year Fieros. The oil pressure tester works on all 1984-1987 Fieros. I will soon have an adapter for the 88 Fiero oil pressure tester. A detailed instruction sheet is included with each tester.

Test Temp/Pressure Readings
Temp Low 100  ºF
Temp High 260 ºF
Oil Low
Oil High 80 PSI

Temperature sender note: The plastic wiring harness connector on the temperature sending unit has a very high failure rate. The OEM plastic end degrades even on low mileage Fieros. I have a replacement end available. If you plan on using the temperature tester I suggest you also purchase the replacement end piece. The original factory wires to this temperature sensor are usually in good condition. All you have to do is plug in the original factory harness wires into the NEW! plastic end piece.

Gauge Testing Leads
CodeQtyDescriptionItem Cost
Temperture Gauge Test Lead
$3.00 S&H
Oil Gauge Test Lead
$3.00 S&H

* Discount S&H charge. Order multiples of this item and save!!

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