Ford Power Window Motor Rebuild Kits
Ford Power Tailgate Motor Rebuild Kits

Ford Motor New
Fits  Most Ford Vehicles With Power Windows    
and even the Ford Bronco Power Tailgate Windows

Even if your Ford power window motors are rusty and rundown, you can fix them with my kit!
Ford Motor Rusted

Kit contains:
  • 3 precision machined Delrin bushings
  • Excellent rebuilding instructions.
  • Each kit will do ONE power window motor.
Delrin Rods

NEW from Rodney Dickman

Rebuild your Ford Window Motors with this inexpensive kit. 

Are you tired of opening the door to place an order at the local
 Burger Shack?
Is your car getting too warm with those windows stuck closed?


3 special plastic bushings are all that usually fail.
 If the motor continues to run, or grind, but your windows fail to go up or down, this kit is for you.  It's a simple 5 minute repair once the motors are out of the vehicle. 


One kit rebuilds one power window motor.  If one motor fails, the other is not usually
 far behind.
Order 2 kits for 2 motors, or 4 kits for 4 motors.


 Instructions are included. These power window motors are easy to rebuild!

Your old motors PLUS my rebuild kit EQUALS working windows!

 Works on MOST Ford vehicles, Including:

1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997... and many more!
 If your motors look similar to the pictures above, these kits should work for you!

79-88 Country Squire S.W. 
79-91 Country Squire S.W. ---- Tailgate

79-88 Crown Victoria

90-98 Crown Victoria 
78-83 Fairmont 
80-82 Granada 
79-82 LTD 

89-95 Mustang
84-89 Tempo 

1992 thru 1994 Tempo (Rear Doors) 
73-76 Thunderbird 
80-86 Thunderbird 

89-97 Thunderbird
73 Torino

Ford Truck
81-92 Bronco (Full Size) 

92-95 Bronco
78-96 Bronco (Full Size) ------ Tailgate
85-87 Bronco II 

1991 thru 1997 Explorer
85-90 E-Series Van, E150, E250, E350
81-95 F-Series, F150, F250, F350 
85-87 Ranger 

93-96 Ranger
84-87 Continental 

88-94 continental 
84-89 Mark Series 

93-96 Mark Series 

82-89 Towncar 

90-97 town car
80 Versailles

79-88 Colony Park S.W. 
73-76 Cougar 
80-86 Cougar 

89-97 Cougar
79-88 Grand Marquis 

90-98 Grand Marquis
79-82 Marquis 
80-82 Monarch 

1992 thru 1994 Topaz (Rear Door) 
84-89 Topaz 
78-83 Zephyr


Ford Power Window/Tailgate Rebuild Kit
Code Qty Description Item Cost
Ford Power Window Rebuild Kit (each)
$5.00 S&H
Ford Power Window Rebuild Kit (pair)
$5.00 S&H
Ford Power Window Rebuild Kit (Set of 4)
$5.00 S&H

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