1984-1987 1" Drop Ball Joints

The Cost Effective Way To Lower Your 84-87 Fiero by 1 inch!

Why spend hundreds of dollars on lowering springs, spindles and other products, when you can simply swap out your old balljoints, and swap in a brand new set of quality lowering balljoints? My lowering balljoints allow you to lower the front of your Fiero by 1 inch easily.
These lowering ball joints need to be tack welded to the lower control arms.
Only $69/pair. Order now!

  • Simply Replaces OEM Balljont
  • Lowers Stock Fiero By 1 inch
  • Cotter Pin and Snapring Included
  • Premiere Quality Ball Joints
  • These 1" lowering ball joints will only work with 15" or larger rims. They have been proven to work with the factory 15" rims.
    They may or may not hit the inner lip with 15" or larger aftermarket rims. This will depend on the design of the rim and backspacing. If you have clearance problems the lower control arms may need to be modified slightly for clearance.
    If you use these combined with lowering springs the clearance concerns between the lower control arm and the inner lip of the rim will be greater. At full turn and full compression of the front springs the lower control arm may hit the inner edge of the lip. This is less likely to happen if you have 16" or larger rims.

    The stock factory sway bar ends links seem to work just fine with the drop ball joints in the 84-87 Fieros. There should be no need to install longer end links. If you feel you need longer end links most auto parts store stock longer end links. I sell longer end links for the 1988's because no one makes them that long. Or try my new Zero Lash End Links.

    Would you like to see a web page showing the installation of these lowering ball joints? This Fiero owner created this web page showing how they are installed.

    84-87 Drop Ball Joint
    New Lowering Balljoint on Left. OEM Balljoint On Right.

    Receive 10% off on any purchase of 4 or more tie rods and/or ball joints (any combination).
    Just cut and paste this line into the notes area when ordering and I will deduct 10% off all ball joints and tie rod ends in that order.

    You may have noticed that many auto parts suppliers and others have reduced their prices on ball joints and tie rods recently. This is because they are now selling made in (mainland) China ball joints and tie rods. All my ball joints and tie rods are made in Taiwan. Their quality is well proven. I will continue to sell made in Taiwan ball joints and tie rod ends only.
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    1984-1987 Drop Ball Joints
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    84-87 Drop Ball Joint
    $10.00 S&H


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